Blue Protocol shares more character creation and initial gameplay, Reddit fansubs the closed beta trailer

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The first few moments of an MMORPG are certainly the most impactful, and in this new look from Bandai-Namco’s upcoming Blue Protocol, that first impression should be impressive. The latest developer video has about an hour’s worth of gorgeous things to look at, including some character creation footage and the first few opening moments after that point.

While we’ve had a couple of peeks at character creation before, this one gives a bit more detail on what’s possible when building your perfect anime avatar. Body sliders do appear rather limited, but there’s plenty of other things to adjust, including all of the improbable hairstyles and hair colors you could possibly imagine.

The video then kicks off the very first moments of the game, including one of the first fights your character will get in to, some of the initial story beats, and an absolutely gorgeous starting area. If you’re a fan of this visual style, watching the game in action will be a legitimate joy. The video also offered a few more screenshots of some of the NPCs, monsters, and locations in the game.

If you just can’t get enough of Blue Protocol videos, then you’ll want to perhaps check out some closed beta class videos shared on Reddit, as well as a fansub for the closed beta trailer. We’ve embedded that below along with the gameplay demonstration from the devs.

sources: YouTube via Alt/Char, Blue Protocol subreddit (1, 2)
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