Final Fantasy XIV updates its patch site with umbrellas, armor, and lore


There’s no new information needed for Final Fantasy XIV players to be excited by patch 5.2, especially not when it arrives on February 18th and is thus less than a week away. But then you get an update to the special patch site showing a dapper lion-man with a parasol, and… well, you might not have needed it, but aren’t you happy to have it just the same? That’s what we thought. Everyone gets an umbrella now.

Everyone also gets access to new tomestone armor and new steampunk crafted armor, with both sets now being shown off in their full glory, and players also get access to the lore about the upcoming Qitari beast tribe and the tribe’s quest through forgotten tunnels and catacombs beneath the Rak’tika Greatwood. There are also sightings of the new pets (including a baby shark, sing the song if you want), new hairstyles, and new emotes. And parasols for all, even those of you who do not play dapper lion-men.

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