PlanetSide 2 brings Escalation adjustments to the test server after a brief delay


The much ballyhooed Escalation update due to arrive to PlanetSide 2 got a few notable tweaks yesterday on the test server, which could be one of the final adjustments made to the update before it arrives to the live game on February 19th.

The PTS update is mostly a tuning and bug squash patch, with improvements to Bastion Mauler cannons that should bring reliable hits and noticeable damage, Bastion destruction explosions that will damage and impact nearby players and vehicles (as one would expect), and a timeout that will see Bastions leave a zone if they’re not destroyed in one hour. There’s also Citadel Shield visual effects polish, fixes for where Bastion turret projectiles originate from, the end of Bastions being sent out of bounds, and some client crash fixes among other updates.

This all was due to arrive this past Wednesday at around 11:00 a.m. EST, but ran afoul of an Ops issue triggered by last weekend’s blackout that saw the PTS update delayed for a brief moment. As of right now, though, the PTS update should be available for everyone. Here are the patch notes.

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