Sea of Thieves discusses quality-of-life features and the Chest of Rage in the February update

Sea of Thieves discusses quality-of-life features and the Chest of Rage in the February update

Sea of Thieves sure does love cranking out new video series. Yes, there’s a new one simply called Sea of Thieves News, which collects some of the best updates in one simple news bulletin. In this premiere episode, it’s all about the February 19th update Crews of Rage, specifically some quality-of-life features, a new Pirate Emporium item, and a treasure chest that gets so angry it can set a ship on fire.

Crews of Rage will introduce some improvements like better swordplay, more frequent mermaids if you need assistance getting back on to your ship (though they’ll appear less frequently if you’re trying to board someone else’s ship), less frequent lightning strikes while sailing in a storm, and a bug fix that lets players see the voyages that another ship has open. The update will also introduce an item to the Pirate Emporium that lets players create a new pirate from the character creator, and there will also be a new set of sails will be on sale to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals following the successful charity sails that raised over $76K for SpecialEffect.

Of course, February’s update isn’t all about quality-of-life. There’s also a Chest of Rage, a new cursed chest that heats up over time until it bursts into a blossom of flame that can set an entire ship on fire. Players can use this to their advantage by attacking the chest, causing it to heat up faster to blow up near enemies or on other players’ ships, but if they want to transport it safely they’ll need to dump water on it periodically to cool it down. Oh, and just in case players think they’re clever and will simply keep the chest in a semi-flooded part of their ship to keep it cool, the devs have thought of that: doing so will super-heat the water the chest is sitting in.

All of this, including a lore-centric segment from player Captain Falcore, are included in the video below. As for when new editions of Sea of Thieves News will air, the devs have confirmed on Twitter that these bulletins will arrive in the weeks before and after content updates go live.

sources: YouTube, Twitter

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