World of Warcraft unveils changes to the Mythic Dungeon Invitational and Arena World Championship

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The race to a world first kill of the last World of Warcraft Mythic raid of this expansion is over, so it’s time to focus on… the next event that includes racing and the word “mythic,” it seems. Yes, the Mythic Dungeon Invitational and the Arena World Championship are both coming back, this time streaming via YouTube, and with bigger prize pools this time to boot. (Also hopefully without any prize pools that are supposedly matched by the studio but are actually just paid by the community.)

While both events are planned to exist both before and after the Shadowlands launch this year, the details on the post-Shadowlands plans are understandably vague. Still, the next season of the MDI will include Mechagon in its rotation along with the new Awakening affix, while the AWC will offer a fairly standard format with the signups starting in the spring. If you really love watching people compete in WoW – or, perhaps, if you personally like to do so – this news is for you.

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