Broke Protocol’s latest update brings garages, a James Bond weapon, and cross-compatible mobile play


v1.03 of the online city RPG Broke Protocol is online and it’s called Garages. Which seems pretty self explanatory when you look over the update details but it’s also important as the version update is also available for the mobile version and is cross-compatible.

Obviously, Garages features garages. Private garages, to be exact, where players can store their bought or “borrowed” vehicles. The garage is a bit cramped right now and so larger vehicles might not make it in, but further map updates will mean the feature gets expanded as well, including the possibility of aircraft hangars.

The update has also introduced the silenced Walther PPK32, otherwise known as James Bond’s iconic pistol. The weapon has limited damage output and magazine capacity, but it is unrivaled in stealth and accuracy and also is the game’s first silenced weapon. The Walther also paves the way for fully modular weapons to be added later.

In addition, the Garages update has added an expansion to the default map, the ability to disarm explosives, and a number of bug fixes. All of that looks to be available in the Android version of the game as well, which is also fully cross-compatible with the PC version on the game’s classic auth servers. The game’s mobile version is free-to-play and has, according to lead developer Nong Benz, “no ads or bullshit.”

sources: Steam, Twitter

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I read the title of this piece and for some reason read it as BLUE PROTOCOL, and everything that followed the name made NO sense to me in relation to THAT game so I had to have a look and see what was going on lol.

I was thinking WOW that game de-railed quick and it isn’t even out yet hehe