Global Chat: How fares WoW Classic at the six-month mark?


The phases (i.e., patches) for World of Warcraft Classic continue to roll out, and as the endgame takes form and Darkmoon Faire arrives, it’s time to take stock of how the legacy version of WoW is doing in early 2020.

SilviteSoltis touches base on the half-year point: “Basically, what I’m saying is that though I thought Blizzard has been rushing Classic content, the release of Blackwing Lair and the rest of Phase 3 content seems like it’s coming at a good time. Personally, I’m super-excited for this new chapter of Classic. Despite not having my full Tier 1 set — 5/8 as of right now — I’m ready for something new. And I’m sure that many of you out there who have been clearing MC in under 2 hours for the past few months are right there with me.”

Read on for more MMO blog essays, including a first impressions of Astellia, evidence for EverQuest 3, crafting in Final Fantasy XIV, and more!

Altar of Gaming: First impressions of Astellia Online

“Even Black Desert Online, which has arguably the best graphics in an MMO, is quite harder to tame, with results that feel way less customizable than Astellia’s. You can sculpt your face, eyes, nose, lips, and ears to a huge extent, and you definitely won’t get disappointed at the wealth of options for each body part, since all of them are covered!”

The Nosy Gamer: The end of a quest line and I’m a fashion leader

FFXIV has brought out my inner fashionista. But I do want to point out one thing. Although I have bought a few items off the Mog Station that I like, all the items in the screen shots were obtained through game play except one. The items seen in the botanist quest screenshots were all crafted by me except for the axe which was a quest reward. And as I mentioned, the pants I wore in my perfect Fashion Report effort were a veteran’s reward. Everything else was either purchased from the Gold Saucer, the market, received as a quest reward, or crafted by myself.”

GamingSF: Background details

“I’ve found the adage ‘always remember to look up’ to be very true: if you live somewhere relatively urban especially. If you never look up when you’re walking around, you can miss a lot of detail. Architects tend, or at least tended, to build interesting stuff above ground level. This can be equally true in World of Warcraft (or any MMORPG). I’ve often looked up in a dungeon and been surprised by something unusual, or occasionally spectacular, on the ceiling or roof above. Flying around to do some gathering last night, I saw a few things that are easy to miss but worth spending a moment to take in.”

I suppose it's cheaper than actually hiring someone to design these spaces?

Wolfshead Online: More evidence that a new EverQuest game is on the horizon

“After doing some research on LinkedIn, I found that Brian James was working for Daybreak Games as a loremaster and ‘compiling lore for an announced game’ for a period of eight months between Aug. 2017 and March 2018. What could this unannounced game be? When you are meeting both the creative director and executive producer of the EverQuest franchise there can only be one answer: a new version of EverQuest.”

Contains Moderate Peril: The problem with raiding

“Whether they are successful remains to be seen but it does show once again that raiding is not a universal pastime in the MMO genre. I remember Turbine making a similar statement to this effect, back when they were developing Lord of the Rings Online. But this post is not intended as a discussion about the validity of raiding or any of the traditional debates associated with it. I think raiding has a place in the genre. What I want to do is state the reasons why it is not something I actively do anymore. I suspect my experience is not unique.”

SWTOR Commando: Finding my fun

“We’ll see if it holds up, but I’m definitely getting the impression that with the rewards for queuing for the full random selection being pretty meaningless these days, there’s a certain self-selection going on inside the group finder population. There definitely seems to be a number of people who don’t necessarily care much for flashpoints and just want to do the easiest ones as quickly and with as little fuss as possible to maximise their gear drops per hour or however these things are measured these days.”

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GKMoggle Mog

They aren’t sticking to making it true Vanilla, so it’s not going good. They screwed up battlegrounds extremely bad by making them cross server so people are going back to private servers.

On top of that they made a mess of AV, added phasing, they are China worshipers, homophobes, and generally awful people, so there’s a lot about Blizz driving people away. Every week they have some new bad press it seems. Everybody hates Blizzard.

I only just found out about the battlegrounds being ruined the other day when I queued for the first time and finding out I wasn’t being queued with my server community but with random people from other servers and I was devastated. I play Classic to escape the things that ruined WoW and they are forcing those things on us there too. Not even a single battleground server dedicated just for server matches like there should be. Absolutely disgusting.

Christmas Dog

Among my friend circle and guild it was a one month fad and everyone returned to BfA a while ago, especially now after 8.3 released.

Out of about ~50 guildies, ~40 tried out Classic. After about a month, that number dropped to about 7-8. Today, only two actively play Classic; one actually raids, the other just logs on every couple of days to gank people in PvP to grief.

It was a fun nostalgia trip for me, and a learning experience for the younger people in our guild who weren’t playing at release, but not much more than that. Still, I’d love to see a BC/Wrath server… that’s what I’d really play at least for a year or so.

Robert Andle

Still playing it, still enjoying it. I briefly played retail after 8.3 came out but didn’t enjoy it at all. For the foreseeable future, Classic is the only WoW I’m playing.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Classic has wiped out BFA and might do the same to Shadowlands. Congratulations to Blizzard for launching their own biggest rival.


BFA pretty much wiped itself out. And the only thing I can agree with is that most likely Classic cushioned it’s embarrassing fall. Although, I could argue that even Cata and WoD could of done that at this point, lol.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

I still shudder when I hear WoD mentioned. G-g-garrisons. I did enjoy Legion, it had a better playing atmosphere and Legion bought the crowds back, which was important to me.

BFA and war mode were nails in WoW’s coffin for me.

Then Classic happened and Free Hong Kong. And BFA self destructed before my very eyes. Can Shadowlands compete with Classic? I have very very strong doubts at this point. Classic is too good, compared to what Shadowlands WoW is (d)evolving into.

Heh, Cata, ah me. Literally a Cataclysm after the masterpiece of The Wrath of The Lich King. Mists of Pandaria just about made things better again after Cata. Panda Powah!

erock steady

sorry but you’re so wrong here. could have, would have, should have… could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.


Only way I’d get back into WoW Classic at this point is if they announce TBC Classic and (optionally) let you transfer your Classic character over to it. Otherwise if Classic stays in its own bubble I really don’t care if I miss out on the AQ opening stuff and so on. Especially when there’s so many wannabe-elitists/experts running around on there complaining that there isn’t much to do beyond raid or farm their temporary BiS gear.

Castagere Shaikura

It would be interesting to hear how people feel about it now.

Mikka Hansen

You think it would, but it wouldnt


Most reactions I’ve seen out of people I know who are playing WOW Classic is basically they think the whole raid clear list is a bit of a meme cause people couldn’t get into BWL. Otherwise it seems like most of them have all sped cleared through it with none of the weeks/months of wiping to learn content because it’s all known and basically got thrown on farm status week one.


Familiarity breeds farm status. o.O


I’d hope that at least the RP server(s) are nice and chill.