Turn-based online RPG Eden Falling resurfaces with new updates and over $1.3 million in funding


Update: Razor Edge Games’ claim to funding has been disputed by a representative of the investors and the studio has clarified the nature of the funding; we’ve updated this story at the end.

The span of radio silence in-between updates for the online turn-based RPG Eden Falling has been pretty significant — we haven’t heard a lot out of the premiere title from developer Razor Edge Games since 2017 — but the devs have resurfaced in a big way with a slew of new development updates and a pretty sizeable chunk of investment change.

A number of new things have been put together by the devs, including work on environments, interactive scenes, the cover system for combat, more diverse settlements, improvements to enemy and NPC AI in combat, and animation improvements such as lip-synced speech and more detailed hair and clothing among other updates. There’s also been an improvement to the game’s website as well as a number of new videos of pre-alpha footage posted to its YouTube channel.

On the business side of things, Razor Edge Games has successfully tied down over $1.3 million in funding to bring Eden Falling to early access. The funding comes from the Arizona Commerce Department Authority to support additional staff hires and as tax incentives over a five-year period to develop Eden Falling in the state. The studio has also secured a partnership with the city of Gilbert, Arizona, to open a 40-person headquarters in the city. Razor Edge Games will continue to seek investment to bring Eden Falling to full release on Steam in the next 12 months.

sources: Steam, official site via Gamasutra. Thanks, Kinya!
Update 02/17/2020
A representative of the Arizona Commerce Authority (apparently Razor Edge misspoke when it called it the Arizona Commerce Department) has reached out to us to dispute the claim that it’s funded the studio and the game, which makes the statements from the devs as posted on their original site (and then noted by Gamasutra) especially baffling. We’ve reached out to both the ACA and Razor Edge for statements; we’ll update when we know more.
Update 02/18/2020
Razor Edge has issued us a statement and clarification on the nature of its funding; we’ve posted it separately here.
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