Crowfall will start handing out monthly appreciation rewards to its backers


How do you thank those who have been monetarily supporting your in-development throne war MMO? By dishing out monthly freebies, that’s how! Crowfall is going to be showing the love to its backers by doing just that. Aww, how cuddly.

Starting this month, players who are backers by the 24th will be granted in-game items like thrones for Eternal Kingdoms, unique mounts, and belt accessories. None of these items will be claimable until the game launches, but everything is automatically tied to your account otherwise. Additionally, these items can be tradeable with other players just in case certain items aren’t to your liking or you run into a late arrival who gets a bout of jealousy. Even better, these items aren’t lootable, so you can’t be digitally murdered for them.

The first three months’ worth of rewards have been lined up, including a throne and sigil, a mount skin, and a unique name frame and sigil for February, March, and April respectively. That link also has more details by way of an FAQ, and players can go to their profile page to keep track on their free shiny.


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