EVE Online discusses DDoS attacks, Plex for Good, the Guardian’s Gala, and more in a video


EVE Online’s latest edition of the EVE Pulse video series has it all: news updates, details on events coming to New Eden, questionable acting, and all of the green screen backdrops one could hope for. Here’s the highlights:

  • The video opened up with an address regarding some DDoS attacks that have been plaguing the game of late. It appears that the devs are getting ahead of the matter, but they acknowledge that some players are still having problems and promise to continue working to make sure everyone has a stable experience.
  • This year’s Plex for Good campaign has brought a sizeable donation to the Icelandic Red Cross which will go towards helping the Australian Red Cross and its aid in the brush fires in the area. Over $107,000 has been donated, a figure that was helped out significantly by the sale of an extremely rare ship.
  • The video goes over events that are coming to EVE Online soon, including the From Wormholes with Love update, the upcoming Guardian’s Gala, and the return of the Skilling Spree.
  • Finally, there’s a special 25% discount to Omega subscriptions for alternate accounts offered to existing Omega subscribers. If you’re an Alpha players, there’s also a 15% discount for upgrading to Omega, which then makes you eligible for this discount for alt accounts after a day.

source: YouTube

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

To whoever is doing those DDoS attacks: I believe in Karma, just saying.