Minecraft-built sandbox MMORPG Hegemony officially releases on February 22


Last August, we cast a spotlight on Hegemony, a classic sandbox MMORPG being built entirely within Minecraft. Now, after some considerable work, it’s finally ready to release in full with the Ascensionem update on February 22nd.

This update-cum-expansion is, effectively, the launch build for Hegemony and it brings plenty of things for players to do. The expansion announcement touts over 1,000 items and over 650 recipes, interactive questing, non-combat gameplay like jousting and bandit capers, player-owned NPCs and shops, the ability to own and build on land in the Wild World area, and new endgame in the form of boss fights and arena boss fights.

If all of that sounds enticing to you, then all you’ll need to hop in is to own an unmodified Minecraft client. More details are found on the forums and the game’s official site.

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