Wurm Online further details changes to Followers and Traders, shows off some new item racks


If you’ve been eager for people to compliment your rack in Wurm Online, you’ll have a chance to do so very soon according to some details posted to the forums with the introduction of some new item racks, more information on tweaks to Followers and Traders, and a plethora of other updates and details.

First, let’s touch on Trader adjustments, which are linked a bit to the end of the game’s RMT market. While Traders won’t be handing over silver based on kingdom coffer and ratio, they will be seeing a reduction of 20% to deed upkeep. Additionally, Traders won’t be limited by tile range and will instead be tied to a single deed.

As for Follower benefits, those are seeing a variety of adjustments like higher skill gain bonus to specific skills. The learner bonus of Vynora (10% to all skillgain) will no longer affect all characteristics but instead will split characteristic skillgain among deities and provide a scaled bonus based on alignment to that God.

Oh, yes, those new racks. There will soon be saddle racks and shield racks in both empty and full variants for those who are eager to show off they have saddles and shields. Functional, compact, stylish. They’re the apex of rack technology, pretty much.

There’s more in the update to read through as well, so feel free to take a moment and look things over.


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