Classic EverQuest PvPers plan a protest to agitate for a PvP progression server


If you’ve paid attention to EverQuest over the years, you likely recall that one of its hallmarks is lots of different types of servers, from roleplay and progression servers and even the old race-war PvP servers that were popular back in the day. One group of players is now trying to bring those PvP servers, or at least one of them, back in 2020. Specifically, these folks want a time-limited progression server with PvP enabled, to match all of classic EQ’s other TLP servers.

“On February 29th, at 8pm EST, we will be conducting a raid on the Zek server,” the movement’s rep posted on Reddit. “The goal is to prove to the developers of EverQuest TLP and Project 1999 that there is a market for classic everquest PvP. We will all login together at 8pm, in the same zone, and move the meter from Low population to High. We will be live streaming, and possibly very drunk in discord. Creating an account is absolutely free on the live server, and no sub is required.”

The thread attracted 138 upvotes as well as accusations of vote manipulation (wheeee) and a pile of “nobody wants this” PvE hecklers, leading the mods to shut it down, though apparently the event is still on. “This is no troll,” the OP insists. “I have been advocating for a P99 Teams PvP server for over 10 years now. […] The PvP community of EverQuest may not be very large, but we are more than enough to justify a single official or p99 quality server. You may not like us, or wish to play on the server, but please support our fight to have a home.” Your move, Darkpaw Games?

Source: Reddit. Cheers, Byron!

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Hasn’t the head of P99 said he has a PVP server planned anyway?

Bruno Brito

Considering the server rarely breaks even 30 players…yeah, no.

IronSalamander8 .

The link got cut but this reminded me of an old GUcomic about merging the PvP servers back in ’05 and the characters complaining about having to deal with 3 more PvPers!

Kickstarter Donor

Those two people are gonna get sick of killing each other after the first week.

(EQ1 PvP is horrible.)

Jon Wax

Popcorn, anyone? Anyone need a drink while I’m up?

Adam Russell

And it shall be called Fansy.

Jim Bergevin Jr

They had me until the “very drunk” part. If you want to make a statement, do it the right way. Being shitfaced on Twitch or Mixer isn’t it.