Wild Terra 2: New Lands will hit closed alpha this week for high-end backers


Last fall, Juvty Worlds announced that it had run into the “ceiling of technology” with Wild Terra and was pointing its four-person dev team at building Wild Terra 2: New Lands instead. It’s got the same mechanics as the first game, but with much more tacked on top, or rather it will when it’s finished. As of this week, Juvty is pushing the game into its first closed alpha phase, running February 20th through March 1st. Among the notable features in this build?

“Starting island and continent with unique locations: forests, cemetery, abandoned mines, church, an old sawmill, and others; 16 animals and monsters for hunting, including bosses; many quests (tutorial, construction, hunting, cooking, crafting items, etc.); fishing; mounts and pets; construction of houses and other structures for survival and production; a lot of materials for a variety of crafting (tools, equipment from hides, leather, metals, etc.); PvP and PvE: Fight against other players and team up to fight bosses; change of daytime, weather and seasons.”

Access to the alpha is included with the purchase of the higher-end backer packs; the cheapest one with the closed alpha access appears to be on sale right now for $124.99. There’s no NDA, and the team is planning future test phases every two to three weeks, with closed beta planned for May or June.¬†We’re tucking some of the game’s newer walkthrough videos down below.

Source: Steam, press release
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