Albion Online’s latest update tweaks Avalonians, streamlines UI, and polishes elite dungeons

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Albion Online’s Queen update has ushered in a new era for the game in terms of player concurrency – but also in terms of hotfixes and patches and plans. Since the expansion rolled out a month ago, we’ve seen the game count 350K monthly active players, add three hotfixes, plan to cap alliances, and nix the plan to cap alliances and replace it with a different plan. And now, it’s patching Queen up again.

This patch brings numerous improvements and fixes to a wide range of gameplay features. Foremost among these are improvements to Avalonian enemies, dungeons, and armor. Here’s just a small selection of what’s changed:

• Appearance of Avalonian armor now changes based on tier
• Overall polishing and improvement of Elite Dungeon environments
• Clearer Avalonian enemy spell and spell area effects
• Improved audio for Avalonian enemies and Elite Dungeons
• Improved minimaps for all major cities, including their banks, Marketplaces, and Conquerors’ Halls
• Extensive streamlining and improvement of loot, guild, combat area, and island move UIs

There’s also a new statue in honor of the Avalonian Invasion season winners; you can scope it out on the exact site where the Caerleon realmgate used to stand.

Source: Patch notes
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