Black Desert’s latest PC patch adds Lahn Succession and begins the four year anniversary


Do you prefer to whip at enemies with a Pendulum weapon instead of a pair of chain swords as a Lahn in Black Desert? You’re in luck, because the game’s latest patch on the PC version has introduced the Lahn class’ Succession skills, along with the start of the sandbox MMO’s fourth anniversary celebration and a variety of other updates.

Headlining this update, of course, is the Lahn Succession, which can be unlocked after Awakening the Lahn. If you’ve ever followed through on Succession skills for the various other classes in Black Desert, you pretty much know the drill by now. There’s also a special leveling event for the Lahn that rewards items when hitting certain level milestones between now and March 11th.

Speaking of events, this patch also starts the game’s fourth anniversary celebration, with more rewards the longer you play and a special event that encourages players to defeat monsters, gather, and fish to get two items that combine into a special item that ends up being worth 1 million Silver. These events run between now and March 11th, and players should expect more events in the coming days.

The patch notes also have details about the Festival of Horses, a renewal of the Kamasylvia quests, and a number of class changes, so make sure you take a moment and have a look. And while you’re at it, make sure to take a look over Choose My Adventure for our current look at Black Desert and the Lahn.

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