Dungeons and Dragons Online’s next Hardcore League and new permadeath server are here


Dungeons and Dragons Online is having a good 2020, first with its 64-bit client and Alchemist class – and now with the return of the Hardcore League.

Last year, Standing Stone Games introduced the Hardcore League, with its permadeath server, which ran from August to November and was tremendously popular in the MMO. Now, Hardcore Season 2: Trial by Fire has officially arrived.

“The Hardcore League is a three-month experience from February 19th through May 12th that tests the skill of players with the ultimate penalty for failure – permadeath! During the Hardcore League, goals are set for players, and progress is based on two factors, each with their own ladder: One tests the player’s ability to conquer as many quests as possible, and the other tests the player’s ability to survive in the hardest mode ever brought to the game.”

Naturally, there are goodies for hitting various milestones, like getting to level 20, racking up favor, and gaining reaper enhancement points. This leg of the Hardcore League runs through May 12th. Do note that playing is a “members-only experience available to VIP subscribers and Season Pass holders.”

Source: Official site, patch notes. Thanks, DDOCentral!

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Michael Hill

I was waiting for this update from last year and finally here is the what everyone waited for. I am still wondering is it the real time update or am I dreaming. I come to know that edubirdie.net is edubirdie legit platform to guide students and gamers for help in their study.

Heliton B. Amorim

They need a full revamp of the early game. After you leave the noob island this game is a mess, I tried to come back with new characters with some friends and we all gave up.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I can’t believe they stealth dropped this. I am SO in – just having the community all together without years worth of gear was well worth it last time. Great economy, players that are working together because we’re all dead if we don’t….If you didn’t try last time, join us. The sense of real danger is such a thrill!

Oleg Chebeneev

WoW needs this


That Bone Devil Armored Mount as the 5k Favor reward is pretty cool!