Fortnite uses a globe-spanning ARG to tease Chapter 2 – Season 2


We already know that Epic Games likes to pull off big stunts when the seasons in Fortnite premiere, but this one is pretty big even with that in mind. As in, an ARG that has spanned pretty much the entire globe big.

Starting this past Sunday, Fortnite fans around the globe started seeing advertisements with a golden hand print and a phone number to call. Calling the number played a pre-recorded message referencing “agents” and ended with what sounds like a cat. Several of these advertisements have been tracked, many of them with their own unique number and their own unique message.

Since then, Fortnite’s Twitter account has been awash with images referencing this “Agency,” and the game’s official Discord has even had an Agency bot “recruiting” members at random. There’s not a lot that can be immediately gleaned from the images on Twitter, but each one is an intercepted transmission with the same golden hand print logo of this Agency. The wait for this ARG to culminate is almost over, as Chapter 2 – Season 2 is set to arrive this Thursday, February 20th.

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