Google Stadia is coming to more phones as its head of gamer experiences literally says, ‘This is fine’

Room he was standing in at the time was presumably not on fire

Yeah, cool.

Here’s the good news for Google Stadia fans: The game-streaming service is coming to more mobile devices. Those of you not wielding an obsidian monument to the clutching and all-consuming power of Google (translation: you don’t have a Pixel) can still use the service if you instead bear the befouled artifacts of the dreaded Samsung (translation: you have one of several Samsung models) or if you have an Asus ROG phone (translation: you have an Asus ROG phone). The Stadia gamepad will need to be plugged into the phones to make them work, however.

Slightly less heartening is the statements from head of gamer experiences Andrey Doronichev. When asked about whether or not Stadia has under-delivered at this point, Doronichev’s response was literally, “This is fine.” According to Doronichev, currently Stadia’s services are much more focused upon making a statement of the overall goals rather than worrying about delivering on all of them in short order, which is… certainly¬†a take, but perhaps not the take that’s most likely to help people associate the service with a worthwhile investment.

Source: Engadget
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