Guild Wars 2 rehires a former programmer, drops PvP patch and season next week


You know what I don’t love? Chronicling how more Guild Wars 2 devs have left the building. So I’m not going to do that. Instead, let’s talk about a new hire – in fact, it’s Ben Arnold, who left during the mass-layoffs a year ago and has now been rehired. Welcome back!

“In one hour, I start my first day back at ArenaNet as a Sr. Gameplay Programmer!” Arnold tweeted yesterday. “Minecraft/Microsoft was great but GW2 has a bright future, and I missed the work I was doing there.” On Reddit, he told fans that while before he was a fractals/raids dev, this time he’ll be “working on content and gameplay features” and he specifies it’s for Guild Wars 2 (presumably as opposed to the other title the studio is building). So… some good news for once!

Here’s a little bit more: ArenaNet posted a brief “competitive update” focused on an outline of its PvP plans. “On February 25, changes are sweeping the Mists, and we’re calling all competitors,” the team writes, seemingly suggesting we now have a date for the Swiss tourneys the studio’s been testing – and also the balance patch that players hope will restore life to WvW, along with a bonus PvP week, new armor, and even a new PvP mount skin earnable in-game.

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