Bless Mobile is built from the ground up as a different game from the original Bless

But there are apparently plans for a PC version

We built a very good house or something.

If Bless Unleashed fails when it launches, we’ll still have Bless Mobile, which is also claiming to be using the original Bless graphical assets but have nothing to do with the original game. Gosh, after a certain point you have to wonder if the assets are really worth keeping the same title around when you have to keep reassuring people that you’re not like the game, wouldn’t you? A recent press conference covered a lot of issues related to the new title, including plans to be playable even on older mobile devices with large groups of players.

The game is also apparently being prepared for a desktop version once the mobile version is stable… and there are plans for a worldwide release, to boot. That’s meant to happen after the game’s native Korean version is in a stable place. Check out the full rundown of the press conference if you’re curious about this latest attempt to bring something Bless-related into a state wherein people like it.

Source: MMO Culture

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From what I can tell, that other Bless game appears to be an entirely different game as well. It doesn’t even have the same classes.


….this is the herpes of the gaming world, but it’s worse cause it wants you to pay for it, over and over, on every gaming enabled device it can spread to.

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Looking forward to Bless: Cannibal Holocaust where they finally devour the last few remaining parts of this game.


For blessed sake, stop with the “Bless” branding… You won’t be accused of an asset-flip when you own the assets.

If anyone asks, you just answer: “We’re very proud of the work our artists, composers, and writers did to bring a lush detailed fantasy world to life. [Insert New Name Here] is our chance to ensure people can enjoy it as we always dreamed they would.”

Unless it’s the “No publicity is bad publicity” theory, there’s no advantage for any of these other games here. Pick a city, or nation, or race, or villain from the lore in the game and name them after that.

This isn’t Final Fantasy where people liked your last game. And it’s not Pokemon or Star Wars where they liked the other phenomenon you’re leveraging into a game. This is your several-times-failed MMO you’re trying to leverage the assets and world building from.

You’re trying to make a game that’s good (giving benefit of the doubt here), and saddling yourself with the baggage of the ones that failed for no benefit to you or potential customers.

If the first thing you have to do after someone hears about your game (or looks it up on the internet) is explain “No – no, this Bless isn’t the same as that Bless. Or that other Bless. Or the one we cancelled a few years ago overseas – totally different Bless. Really…” You’re already doomed.

So change the name. Please.