The Elder Scrolls Online tours the new Unhallowed Grave dungeon


Why would anyone want to walk around in a burial tomb anyway? Well, you’re either searching for treasure or you’re going to stop some sort of villainy. It would appear that the Unhallowed Grave dungeon coming to Elder Scrolls Online has a hearty mixture of both, though stopping the latter will unlock the former.

This new dungeon takes place at a burial site of an ancient evil, guarded over by a dwindling group of protectors known as the Pyre Watch. Only one member of the Pyre Watch remains, and they have sought your help to stop the grave-robbing of a group of necromancers known as the Draugrkin. Naturally, though, there’s more to this dungeon than just taking out necromancers; it wouldn’t be much of an MMO dungeon unless the Unhallowed Grave kept secrets of its own, would it?

Naturally, players can expect all manner of undead beasties to threaten them, including skeletal werewolves, stone guardians, liches, and the leaders of the Draugrkin themselves. Players will also make use of the grappling hook tool from the previous Dragonhold DLC, which promises to play a part in traversing the dungeon, finding its secrets, and even in boss fights.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a tomb without treasures, and the Unhallowed Grave has furnishings, collectibles, and four new gear sets including the Grave Guardian heavy set, which boosts you and your group’s resistances when you block. The Veteran version also rewards Bloodrune Body Markings cosmetics to let players dress up like the Draugrkin. It all rides along with the Harrowstorm DLC, which arrives on February 24th for PC/Mac and March 10th for consoles.


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