Anarchy Online kicks off anniversary event celebrating one year of its classic server, Rubi-Ka 2019


It was the summer of 2001, dystopian sci-fi was at its apex, and everyone I knew was trying Anarchy Online. And by trying, I mean trying to play through one of the worst launches in MMO history.

Anyhow, you might be wondering how this is relevant because it’s not summer and we’re nowhere near the game’s actual anniversary. But we are near the first anniversary of the game’s classic progression server, Rubi-Ka 2019. Funcom means to take it as an excuse to party.

“Right around this time last year, we launched Rubi-Ka 2019, our take on a classic/progression server – and it’s been a wild ride since. The launch of the server also coincided with the launch of a new Discord server, which has proven invaluable for connecting and bonding with an intensely passionate community. Together, we’ve revisited what made Anarchy Online such a fantastic experience and a force to be reckoned with into 2020. Now, to celebrate RK2019’s launch, we’re throwing an anniversary party! Join us, would you? Festivities go (exclusively on RK2019) from February 25 to March 10!”

The studio is promising five classic world bosses “remixes and revamped with new mechanics and challenges,” plus new unique armor and loot, along with Serpentine Armor pieces too. “Keep an eye out for more news to come!” the team concludes.

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