Bless Unleashed offers a two-part preview of its cash shop

Oh, hi.

With¬†Bless Unleashed finally approaching a launch, the developers want you to be aware of it and feeling good about giving it a spin. And what makes people feel better about a game than a cash shop, right? Yes, it’s a two-part preview of the game’s cash shop, complete with all of the same cost-obscuring tricks as other games with microtransaction currency. The first preview covers mounts, costumes, and dyes, allowing you to ride around in style and wear vanity outfits.

The second preview covers services like extra bag space, summoning mailboxes wherever, or gaining extra character slots. It also handles time-saving things like experience boosters, reputation boosters, and gathering boosters to give you more rewards for content for a limited time. The prices look to be reasonable from what’s on display, and it’s certainly nothing unfamiliar to players without any egregious offerings… at least, from what’s being previewed. Then again, those of you who find the idea of experience boosters egregious¬†anyhow will likely be mad.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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