EVE Online is adding a frigate bay to every battleship in the game


The cardinal rule of EVE Online is to not fly what you can’t afford to lose. That said, bad things just happen and suddenly your big hunk of Minmatar badassery is turned into debris while you’re sitting in a defenseless pod. In an update coming this March, however, those who own battleships (and summarily have those battleships blown up) will be able to hop back into the battle in a frigate thanks to the Frigate Escape Bay feature.

Every battleship in the game will be automatically outfitted with this Frigate Escape Bay, which can house any fully fitted T1 frigate, as well as assault frigates, electronic attack frigates, and logistics frigates. Now, instead of being blown up and left to sit in a dumpy little pod, you can fly back into battle with a fully combat-ready frigate. Or at least try to fly away in said frigate

This new feature is set to arrive to the Singularity test server this coming Monday, so capsuleers eager to see how this new feature will shake up the battleship meta are welcome to take a peek themselves.

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