Legends of Aria’s Point Release 9 update is officially live


For the past few days we’ve been getting updates about the features coming to Legends of Aria in Point Release 9. Now, players have their opportunity to try them all out themselves as the update has officially gone live.

Just as a refresher, this update brings a number of new features for Militias such as the Spiritwood resource that generates from holding the Spiritwood King of the Hill location and the ability to lay siege to enemy Militia Keeps with a battering ram made of this Spiritwood, along with changes to the game’s Militia Rank system. There are also new ranked PvP arenas for players to duel it out in, the Global Grand Bazaar to make finding items sold by players easier, and Scroll of the Artificer rewards that drop from crafting orders which let crafters make some highly desirable items.

Point Release 9 has made other updates as well, such as updated quests for the Leagues of Celador, upgrades to monsters spawns and public events, and a replacement of the Charge ability with Relentless Hate, which teleports the attacker to the target and stuns the target for 3 seconds. All of the details for everything new can be found in the patch notes.


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