Multiplayer RPG Portal Knights just got new DLC with druids, Furfolk, and new mounts


It’s been half a hot minute since we last checked in with Portal Knights, so we’re rectifying that today. Gamers will recall that the game was originally an online co-op title, but last summer it got a full-blown MMORPG on the side – in China. Big sigh, right? Anyhow, the here-playable version of the game just snagged an update of its own on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – it’s a the Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense DLC, and it’s running around 9 bucks on Steam right now (the game itself is on sale for just a hair under $8).

“Introducing a new Class to Portal Knights for the first time, players can now adventure through immersive and colorful 3D worlds as a shape-shifting Druid. Players who begin their Portal Knights adventure as a Druid can embrace their wild side and transform into a variety of forms with unique abilities and attacks, including: a ferocious bear, a spine-chilling spider and… a really gross slime. A new Race, the ferocious Furfolk, is also available, giving players an opportunity to create their very own member of this proud, new race with customizable fur colors, ears, muzzles and more! Three new action-packed arenas debut in the latest expansion in which Druids and Furfolk players will defend ancient relics knowns as the Star Stones by crafting traps and magical bombardments to overcome waves of enemy onslaught to earn heroic rewards including mythical unicorn and dragon mounts. Each arena also features a Hard Mode, where only the most daring of players will conquer the toughest of enemies and claim victory.”

Notably, there’s a freebie update too, even for folks who don’t want to buy the DLC, complete with new in-game mounts and new creative mode additions (like musical pressure plates and mini-adventure creation). It doesn’t look as if this DLC is available yet for Android and iOS (yes, this game exists on all the things), but the Switch DLC is said to be coming “very soon.”

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