Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen takes a tour of the Faerthale region in a livestream


That Faerthale gameplay look we were promised has arrived. The new area is the focus of the latest livestream from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, which offers a look at some of the region’s zones as well as another peek at the game’s Codex among other features.

The stream is a little better than an hour in length, but it definitely has plenty to show off as the devs and backer CohhCarnage take a stroll through the Oldwood area, chat with some NPCs, take a look at some monster and location designs, and close out with a visit to the dire-looking raid area known as the Isle of Infinite Storm and a fight against a monster known as Sleepless.

Along the way, the devs discuss the Living Codex ability UI and also grants a moment to show off its climbing system, which basically is a skill that lets players grab on to and climb various surfaces in the game. Better yet, the more time spent climbing things, the more surfaces you can latch on to. It’s a lengthy bit of viewing, but for Pantheon fans, it’s certainly worth the time.

source: YouTube
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