SMITE discusses changes coming to its seventh esports season, previews Loki rework


SMITE esports has been going strong for six seasons now, and season seven is looking to make a number of changes to schedules, format, and a host of other things as well, which were touched on in brief on Twitter and elaborated on in a more in-depth podcast roundtable discussion.

The new season will feature an eight team league with two phases, and a playoff event at the end of each phase with a $100K prize pool. However, the playoff phase won’t be the only determining factor of who gets to the world championship, as teams still earn SPL points that can see them earn their way in. The amateur leagues are getting a bit of a lift as well, with the SMITE Challenger Circuit and SMITE Open League getting three $100K LAN events that will be fully cross-play compatible.

For those who prefer to watch instead of compete, broadcasts will move back to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, at 3:00 p.m. EST, and voting on matches will return for season seven, letting players earn some prizes by watching and voting all from within the game itself. There will also be a new website opening up that will feature in-depth stats for those viewers who want to follow things even more closely, though there’s still the original pro league site at one’s disposal as well.


Meanwhile, the devs have also finally turned their attention to the Loki revamp.

sources: Twitter, YouTube
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