The Daily Grind: Which MMO consumables are the most completely useless?

No potions here.

It’s very obvious why Final Fantasy XIV has items like Antidotes. These medicines are consistently present across the series, so they need to be in the game. But in any content wherein poison is actually dangerous, it’s either tied to a fight mechanic and must be dealt with as such or it’s trivial and can be removed with Esuna in the unlikely event that you or the healer even care. The time spent using an item to remove poison is basically always better spent doing almost anything else.

A lot of us, it seems, have problems with stockpiling consumables to the point that they don’t get used even when it would be advantageous to do so. But sometimes those consumables aren’t just unused but don’t have a use; they do actually do something, but they’re the solution to a problem no one has ever had. So which MMO consumables are completely useless? Which ones could be removed from the game altogether with no ill effects?

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I don’t know if I’d call antidotes utterly useless in FF14…

So much as I might just call them extremely situation-limited. Group content? Healers have Esuna… Or most do. There was the odd part of time where Scholars didn’t have Esuna or an Esuna-like spell until they hit lvl 40 or so… Much like how Warriors had their Tank stance at 30, but Paladins had to wait till 40 for theirs. So in a spot like Toto-Mak? If its a Scholar healer at the time, sometimes it didn’t hurt to have an antidote or two for when the tank isn’t paying attention and keeps popping flesh sacs on you and wonders where the 5 stacks of Poison are coming from…

Otherwise? Yeah, mostly useless. Open world stuff hardly uses poison, and if you have a chocobo at the very least you should delve enough for the Choco-cure/regen to offset that as well as damage in general. Eureka would’ve been one spot it could have found a use but… well, if you took damage there it was either so much that it won’t matter, or so little that it doesn’t matter…

Biggest use is probably with the PotD content then, especially solo-runs. The place did encourage smaller potions and the like after all for a time.

Now… you want useless…? Worst of the worst? Nobody ever touches it?

Phoenix Downs. Seriously, who uses those? I’ve played since 2.0’s release and I’ve yet to meet anyone who uses them and much less carries one on them. You can only carry 1 of them, it has to be on a party member… and it has to be out of combat. If it’s out of combat, they can simply rez without sickness in dungeons. If you are out on the field, its usually quicker and better just to switch to a healer job if you have one and rez that way. And if not…? Well, that’s because you’re still in a fight. And even if you aren’t? They might very well be in a party anyways that is currently fighting.

I carried the same Phoenix Down around for nearly two years. Never used it. Never even had the chance, no one ever asked… I dumped it. Wasn’t even worth trying to find a vendor for it!


DDO has potions of remove paralysis.
You can’t use them on yourself, because you are paralyzed.

Castagere Shaikura

The event or holiday ones that turn you into animals or something. I really hate those.

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I’m sure all the consumables that I got in Rift were good, but I had so many of them. And they were always giving me MORE. I’m sure half the reason was to pad my inventory so that I would buy more.

Anton Mochalin

I just realized that even though Neverwinter’s content is on average a lot more challenging than GW2’s content I almost never used consumables to buff myself in NW and I do that all the time in GW2. And I don’t even know for sure why that’s so. NW consumables having shorter effect duration?

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I don’t know which once are useless. I never use them.

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Brazen Bondar

The ones that give a 30-60 minute miniscule boost to things like endurance. But because I am a hoarder in games I used to use so many of my inventory slots for health boosts and those other infusions. Now, I am trying to train myself to throw them away or sell back to a vendor… I’m making progress. I only have 3 slots of health boosts now and one for mastery and one for endurance. Now if I could just get the health boosts down to one slot that would be real progress. I do need one to three of those (out of the 60 I’m holding onto) when new content is introduced because I can’t see the bad stuff right away. But once I know where the bad stuff is I don’t need them again. Plus! I have a character who can craft the good health boost. Yikes. It’s really about hoarding isn’t it?


I play a lot of games that have consumables with very short active timers, and I normally skip ever using them. I’ll hang on to them in case I get to content that is too difficult and I need a boost, and yet that just about never happens. It’s all doable without them easy enough, and I don’t have to worry about yet another thing I need to be using every 1-2 minutes. Another hotkey used up for something I can just as well do without.

I often will stockpile them and leave them in the bank, though other times I just sell them. I don’t care about a 5% boost in a single stat for 1-2 minutes if I have to keep using the potions.


Health potions in retail WoW.. i can probably count on one hand the amount of times i used a health pot post-vanilla. In Classic, they very much have a use, but beyond that – completely useless.

Robert Mann

For every consumable I would consider useless, there is somebody who finds that consumable useful. Yes, even Lotro’s Barrow Brie. XD