The Daily Grind: What options do you like in your MMO’s user interface?


I would very much like any and all MMO developers who are reading this to hear me: Please, please make your user interface as configurable as possible. Nothing frustrates me more when I come to a new game and find that I can’t resize or move UI elements to fit my preferences. I’m fussy that way.

I always thought that Cryptic did a good user interface. In City of Heroes and Star Trek Online, particularly, I was given free reign to get in there and tinker about until the UI felt usable and comfortable. It didn’t hurt none that those games’ UIs look sharp and aesthetically pleasing.

What options do you like in your MMO’s user interface? As an extra question, do you go the extra step of adding mods to further customize your UI?

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I want the option to reskin everything, move and remove whatever I want and script my own as I find necessary.

I loathe ‘UX’, multiplatform design or any interface element that doesn’t hide itself when it doesn’t need to call attention to something.

Button bars are worthless to me, since I bind everything and commit it to memory.

If a game forces a static user interface, they’re doing it wrong.


Star Citizen doesn’t even have scrolling chat lol. I like scrolling chat. I’d also like to be able to change the color of the font in my ship’s UI in Star Citizen, but apparently in the year 29XX you can’t do that.

GW2 always had an ease of use with the UI and other systems that I felt was underappreciated.


Well for me it isn’t hard to describe, but not easy to do I guess.

I want all elements modular and customizeable. Minimap, health bars, messages bars etc. etc. all drag and drop and resizable.

Let me put together the look of my UI please. Okay? Thanks.

Yes, that includes buff bars and status messages too.


UI scale is essential. The ability to edit nearly all of the keybinds for the windows. Moving windows.

WoW is unplayable without UI addons, so anytime I go back to that there is at least a half hour of setting things up. I also use a few for ESO. Sadly, most games are pretty limited on addons.

Forgot about tooltip delays. A slider for that should be in every game.


I like having a mini-map, with everything clearly marked on it. I modded ESO’s UI, so I could have that.


Basic social interface plus as many hotbars as I want o make and position anywhere. Also necessary to reconfigure keys and assign keys to hotbars.

Johnny Quantum

Agree, Cryptic does good UI!

Main likes are being able to resize and move elements, and turn off screen spam (damage, health, experience floaters etc.).


I like an option to turn off UI completely. Like Tab does it for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, for example. A good game does not have to distract users with all the crap devs think is more important than the actual action.

Hikari Kenzaki

As much as possible…

I mean, it’s kinda a non-question. Like saying, “I’ll deliver any and all cookies to the house you want for the next 5 years, but you must decide all the brands and types now.” Uh… all of them.

Kickstarter Donor

The ability to move my windows around on the screen. The ability to move HP bars and ability bars where ever I want on a screen. The ability to resize and turn all elements off on my screen.

Auto-run while looking at UI (inventory, stat sheet, etc)

I do not like UI that takes me away from the game. DC Universe, ESO, Crowfall etc.