Bless Unleashed details head start events for founder’s pack purchasers

Ah... huh.

If you’re invested in the launch of Bless Unleashed to the point that you bought a founder’s pack for the game, then you’re not only getting a jump on the game’s official free-to-play launch, you’re also getting in on some special events unique to head start players.

Starting on February 26th, at 1:00 p.m. EST, head start players will get daily login rewards every day until the official free-to-play launch of March 10th. Rewards include gold, upgrade stones, and Star Seeds among other rewards. Speaking of Star Seeds, there will also be an additional Star Seed Reward Box offered for logging in during head start. This box can be opened starting at level 10 and every five levels after all the way to 30, and grants a total of 100,000 additional Star Seeds.

The date of when your head start begins depends on the tier of founder’s pack you purchase, so if you’re really thirsty for all those freebies then you’ll have to pay up for the ultimate edition. But hey, look at all the free stuff, right?


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Diego Lindenmeyer

haha , PC version lasted ~1year? and game was fckd a lot


Been there once and got burned. Pass!