Get a look at Lord of the Rings Online’s elaborate Rohan housing


The recent stealth debut of Lord of the Rings Online’s Rohan housing on the test server excited a game community that hasn’t seen new housing options in many years. Before the server was taken down, LOTRO fan site Deco du Milieu got in there to screenshot the heck out of the new houses.

The premium (i.e., cash shop) houses come in two neighborhoods: the mountainous Eastfold region and the plains of Kingstead. There are three types of houses in each neighborhood, so you can purchase a standard house (which is pretty dang big), a special house (with a cave or tower), or a mead hall. The fansite notes that these houses also include a new “light hook” that offers different lighting options inside the abodes.

And if you like your previews in video form, Massively OP reader Druidsfire put together a first look video for your edification:


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Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

This video reminded me how awfully dated the game looks like now. Of course, looks aren’t everything – the New World has better engine but the housing system is a complete joke compared to LOTRO, with tiny houses with one tiny room per floor and nothing much to decorate outside of house. Hopefully Amazon will do their LOTRO game right, though after playing New World I have a lot of doubt they will.


Belfalas houses suck orc armpit, but these look lovely.

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It’s no Belfalas but the neighborhoods look nice; the houses with a view on Meduseld will be in high demand.


I have been saving the coins I bought way back when I thought I’d be getting the Belfalas housing. Never liked the look of the places there, but this? Those coins will be put to good use now!

I do wish they’d limit it to one house per account for maybe the first couple weeks, though. To avoid the mass landgrabs that happen.


I am so looking forward to get a house in Rohan *cheers*

also <3 Druidsfire :)