Mad World interviews its writing team and further fleshes out its universe


With a game title like Mad World, you probably expect a lot of things to have gone wrong. Part of getting that sensation is in visuals, but the greater part of that is done by writing, and Jandisoft would like you to meet that writing team that helps illustrate the universe with words.

In what looks like a continuation of the in-house interviews that started first with the adaptation team, this new interview discusses what the writers do to immerse players in the Mad World. It also gives a general sense of what the story beats for the game will be — a story less about being a hero of the realm and more about either fighting the temptation of the evil permeating the world or ultimately succumbing to it.

The interview also promises that choices made in the story will matter to overall gameplay. “In Mad World, players will need to make many choices. Depending on what choices they make, results will vary, offering players different experiences, influencing the NPCs and their related stories,” reads the interview. “As to what extent they will be affected, we are currently experimenting with various game mechanics and methods.”

The interview itself is two parts lore and one part mechanics, so if you’re intrigued by this upcoming MMO, it might be worth your notice.

source: reddit

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