Star Stable has added new quests, updated areas, and introduced new horses


You know what? We have not had a moment to look at the horse-centric MMO Star Stable all of last year, and dangit it’s high time we all got some pretty ponies up in this piece. Looking over the news feed for the game, it has been a busy 2019 indeed, with new quests, new updates, and of course new pretty horses. Seriously, when your game’s update headline touts the fluff levels of a horse, it’s pretty awesome.

Over the course of the year, Star Stable has been making steady updates like new ways to train horses and level them up, updates to the store interface to make coordinating fashion easier, new saddles and tack, and even a number of story quests added over the course of the year. There were also, of course, lots and lots of pretty ponies added, and a wide variety of seasonal events.

Moving into this year, it appears that Star Stable areas will be getting some facelifts, with updates made to Fort Pinta and Firgrove. There was even a challenge for players to complete 4.7 million races which was met by the playerbase, granting everyone 100 free Star Coins.

You keep on keepin’ on, Star Stable. Because fluffy horses.


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Dagget Burmese

Nice little mmo-sort-of started by Colin Craig, who had a long stint as game director of Anarchy Online. I see he’s sold the game to some other outfit a few years ago, though.

Sarah Cushaway

Sounds like a cute game for kids at least. Maybe my daughter will want to try it in a year or two.


It is a really great game for young girls to play online. You could help her to play too if she was just starting. You could play her account with her to help, and then make your own account if you had two computers where you could even play with her.

Sure, it’s *mostly* for pre-teen and teenage girls, but it’s a family game anybody can play. The horse races can get pretty competitive (they don’t have to be, you can enjoy it at your own pace too). There are leaderboards for the single-player races and there are multiplayer races as well. Older people can play too and get into the competitiveness of the races.

You will have to be able to control the horse a bit to finish the races, and depending on her age she may need help there to start.

The chat is moderated and free players can’t use it, so it’s pretty safe for kids.

The game is for all ages to enjoy though. You know, it’s like Frozen, made for younger girls but can be enjoyable for most of the family.

The player characters are all female, it was definitely made for young girls, but guys do also play it. They just have to use female avatars :P

They’ve added all sorts of areas over the years and updated the graphics and various things. It’s always been a fun game but it’s much better now than it used to be. I assume they will just keep adding to it and continuing to grow for some time.

We’ve been hoping they’d come out with a mobile version sometime. They have the companion apps but not the full game itself there on mobile yet.

If you think you may want to get the game in the future, you might want to watch the homepage for the Lifetime Membership sales. It goes on sale for around $50 once and a while and that’s all you’ll ever need to pay forever. If you buy it earlier before you’re playing, your Star Coins will build up weekly on the account to have to spend when you do play it :D

Though your character name is permanent so you may not want to get it until your girl is old enough to help pick the name she wants. You have to select your character name from the available options (First middle and last name selections). The options for names also change up every once and a while. Some of the options go away while new options appear.


It would also like a good place for boys to start if they are looking into equestrian based interests. So this game should benefit both genders, cis or otherwise, IMO.

Jim Bergevin Jr

This one has just made the top of my “Next to play” list.


Is this another MMO where the true focus is the cash shop?

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agemyth 😩

There is less BS about microtransactions and up-selling on their homepage than most popular online games these days.

That’s about as far as I’ll ever get into looking at this game, but lets not pretend some of our best “real” games aren’t mired in cash shop problems.


Not really. You can buy horses in the cash shop but you don’t need more than one or two (one if you buy a cold-resistant one).

The game is subscription-based and comes with enough IAP currency in the subscription to buy whatever you need. It’s not “pay to win”, there aren’t a bunch of stacking bonuses or things you keep buying to get better.

Their lifetime membership only costs $70 to begin with and often will go on sale to around $50. If you buy a lifetime membership it’s all you will ever need to play the game forever without ever buying any more IAP currency than the stipend it comes with.

You *can* play for free but at least in the past the free game was pretty limited and was more along the lines of a demo or hanging out with friends once your sub ran out. I haven’t kept up with what the free game is these days tho.