ArcheAge’s newest test patch includes Stillwater Gulf, a new raid boss, and new faction conflicts

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Are you ready to fight and survive on the high seas? The upcoming Stillwater Gulf instance in ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained is functionally a battle royale, but it has enough twists that players will have different tasks to contend with. Everyone spawns on an island, seeking to escape the Grudge’s Veil, with players venturing out on to clippers and destroying one another in order to survive whilst collecting scattered supplies across the islands. Victories earn you Kryios Badges and other useful items, with players limited to five entries per day.

That’s not all that’s in the test server patch, though; players can also take on the new Charybdis raid boss, take part in the new faction competition in Cinderstone and Ynystere, or invest in the new faction activity system. There are also new skills to play around with, to boot. The test server patch is obviously still in testing and not a final version, but players should find plenty of new content to engage in regardless of your preferred playstyle.

Source: Official Site


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Looks like a pretty sizable update with alot of changes and content additions . This game could diffently use some of that. I wonder when they are going to release that gigantic expansion mentioned on the Korean website a few months back . Is supposed to completely redefine endgame in AA, basically by protaling you to an entire new map that is gigantic and only for certian gearscores and above.