OrbusVR offers a peek at the new areas coming with the Mini Story Pack DLC


Just in case you missed January’s announcement, the virtual reality MMO OrbusVR is getting its first DLC in the form of the Mini Story Pack, which takes players on a microscopic journey to four new miniature zones. In a recent dev blog, players have gotten their first look at these new zones.

As one would expect given the shrunken-down scale of the world, players can expect a lot of new perspectives, starting with Pierre’s Shop, which is where players get Micronized as well as try out the new climbing mechanic. From there, it’s on to the lizard village of Mugwood, the fertile wilds of Hollow’s Creek, and the dangerous barrel and wagon wheel maze that makes up Thorndell Meadow. Players will also get to explore the ominously-titled Lair, which promises some dark tunnels that players will have to navigate.

Further teases of this new story pack are expected in the weeks to come as it continues to slide towards its second quarter launch. For now, though, you can at least get a quick lay of the land.

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