Overwatch previews its new triple damage composition experimental mode


As fine-tuned as Overwatch tries to be (you leave your own opinions about how successful that’s been), sometimes you have to try some radical things just to see what happens. Enter Experimental mode, the mode that’s going to try a few new things in the team-based shooter, starting with a triple damage composition.

According to the developer update video starring game director Jeff Kaplan, the Experimental card isn’t for game balancing or bug shakedown, but for trying radically different things to see whether they work or not. With today’s update, there will be a new team makeup that consists of one tank, two support players, and three damage dealers, shifting away from two of each role. The idea for this makeup came out of discussions on how to make damage queue times faster.

In addition to the developer update video, there’s an in-house interview with Kaplan and principal game designer Michael Heiberg that similarly goes into the reasoning behind this mode as well as details changes that will be made in the mode to D.Va, Roadhog, and Zarya — characters that are considered to be off-tanks; for example, Roadhog now emits a healing gas cloud around himself when he uses Take a Breather.

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It sounds like OW is a hot mess right now. I had played it a lot when it first came out but haven’t touched it much after playing Doomfist a few times right after he was added. We didn’t queue as a role back then but as I actually like healing and tanking, I played Mercy a lot as I felt someone had to play a healer and she was the easiest to use (for me at least). That gets a bit annoying after awhile as I do hate feeling stuck in a rut.

Overwatch is a good looking game and I love how much you can tweak your controls, but it’s loot boxes and limited time item system, along with the lack of depth in the character loadouts and maps made me focus more on PvZ:GW2, Paladins, and PvZ: BfN now instead.

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Imagine being excited about this boring update disguised as a sequel.