Project Gorgon details the upcoming Fairy advanced race and brainstorms about player housing


Some exciting changes are on the way to Project Gorgon in the near and long term. Soon, players will be able to try out playing as a Fairy, and later in the year they’ll be able to own their own house in-game.

While we knew that playable Fairies were on the way, this latest update has been the most in-depth look at how they’ll work from a mechanical standpoint, granting a peek at the race’s benefits and drawbacks. On the down side, players will have 16 less inventory slots due to being smaller than other races, will be knocked back further due to their size, and respawn in the fae realm when they die instead of the area they died in. On the plus side, Fairies get Ice Magic, Knife Fighting, two level 100 pets with max Loyalty levels, and unique Mentalism skills, along with a host of other unique abilities that use a resource known as Fae Energy and created resources known as Crystal Ice and Fairy Dust. Using combinations of these resources can do things like create colored lights, change the color of their wings, and craft items like health kits, utility knives, and potions that let other races change hair color.

On the subject of player housing, that is due to arrive when Project Gorgon opens up the city of Statehelm. Housing will be instanced, but will still be linked to other players by way of a hallway and front doors that can lead to other player housing instances grouped by categories like guild mates, players who have been online recently, or skill choices. Each house’s front door can even be a gateway to unique events, such as being visited by an NPC to inform players of a quest, or being menaced by rat-men to leave cheese payment or face the consequences. The devs are even considering the idea of letting players marry NPCs and what sort of wrinkles that can provide. Ultimately, the goal is to make instanced housing not boring.

Fairies will be available with the next major update, while player housing — in whatever shape it takes — is expected some time later this year.

source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Astrid for the tip!
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