Black Desert Mobile gives Ascension to all classes, Black Desert PC gets Succession for Mystic and Striker


My kingdom for version parity. But until then, there’s a whole lot of Black Desert news on all fronts, from the mobile version getting Ascended classes, to the console version alerting about name changes, to the PC version getting an update that brings, among other things, Succession skills for the Mystic and Striker.

Black Desert Mobile has introduced Ascension for every class in the game all at once. Ascension works a bit differently in the mobile version, letting all players use their existing main weapon and sub weapon and getting a total of six additional skills. The update also brings Alchemy Stones to mobile as well, letting players improve attack and defense points, get more silver and black stone drops, and level up weapons and gear.

The latest PC update has introduced Succession skills for the punch-happy Mystic and Striker classes with a special event to celebrate the arrival of these new skills, as well as another pre-fourth anniversary event that brings benefits like extra combat XP, skill XP, and Life Skill XP for everyone; an extra Veil world boss spawn and a special ring that drops from certain boss monsters that can be traded in for one of several powerful accessories; and an event quest that rewards things like Black Stones, Black Gems, and memory fragments.

Finally, there’s a bulletin for console players related to name change requirements being brought on by the upcoming crossplay update for Xbox One and PS4. In short, names are going to be automatically changed based on how active players or guilds have been, and that activity is gauged based on different factors including a specific console version’s release date. Those who have had their name changed will be compensated with a name change coupon. Make sure to read through the link above for all the specifics.

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