Diablo IV team dishes on inventory revamp, PC vs. console UI layout, and cannibals


Blizzard’s just dropped a “quarterly update” for Diablo 4, the first of apparently more planned blog posts from the team, this one focused on two core topics.

The first chunk deals with specific changes to the UI that Blizzard is making based on BlizzCon demo-players’ feedback, including more realistic item icons, a reorganization of the inventory layout, more flexible mouse and keybinds, the position of the action bar on PC vs console, and controller support for PC. The team is also working on improvements to the UI for couch co-op.

The second part homes in on one of the many “families” of monsters in the game: the Cannibals. They’re as grotesque as they sound.

“Corpses riddled with bite marks. Splintered bones scraped clean of marrow. Tongues sawed off and eyes gouged out of their skulls. These are the bloody fingerprints the Cannibals leave behind—if they leave behind anything at all. No one is certain where they come from, but some legends claim they are a former tribe of barbarians, banished from Arreat years ago. Whether their cannibalism led to their exile or developed out of desperation afterward is unknown. The outcasts brought their endless hunger to the Dry Steppes, and from there spread to the far corners of the world to prey on lonesome caravans and unsuspecting villages.”


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