Preloading is live for Bless Unleashed’s headstart launch this afternoon


Neowiz is about to try again-again with the Bless franchise, as Bless Unleashed rolls into headstart today. Well, it starts today if you shelled out for the Ultimate Founder’s Pack, that is. Excited Founder’s Pack owners get in March 2nd, while Deluxe fans wait until the 10th, and everyone else gets in by March 12th, with the season pass set to begin on 13th. The headstart access officially kicks off at 1 p.m. EST today, though preloading is already available. Do note, this version of the game is strictly for Xbox One. (The PC version of Bless Online failed in the west last year.)

Notably, the game’s day-one patch includes the level cap bump to 45, enemy scaling, six new zones, guilds, estates, talent merchants, new gathering nodes, new arenas and dungeons, expanded PvP… it’s a lot.

Take a peek at all of our Bless Unleashed coverage to date:

Source: Patch notes
And it’s live!

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