Crowfall introduces its Thrall system arriving with the War of the Gods update


It would appear that Crowfall’s War of the Gods update is bringing a whole lot of unique wrinkles to the throne war MMO. A recent post introduces the concept of Thralls, spectral beings that players can defeat for some truly powerful crafting purposes.

Thralls are directly tied to the creation of Major Disciplines, which can only be crafted with soul essences and soul gems, which can only be gained from defeating Thralls in combat. Thralls appear randomly in areas infested by the corrupting influence of the Hunger and only appear at night. Thralls come in minion and boss flavors, with both types dropping soul essence and bosses dropping soul gems. The type of soul gem a boss Thrall has can be determined by its name: A boss with Poisoner in its name will have the sol gem needed to create the Poisoner Major Discipline, for example.

The system essentially boils down to “unique monster with specific crafting loot,” but it’s also another thing that certain crafting characters will have to consider when they’re helping to fuel the war effort of their chosen faction, so it’s probably worth a look for players interested in doing that.

In other Crowfall news, the first of the promised backer appreciation rewards has arrived.

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