PAX East 2020: Guild Wars 2 teases Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire video


Blink and you’ll miss it: Guild Wars 2’s next big thing just got teased at the tail end of a PAX promo post, complete with a half-minute video.

“Our full announcement of the next Guild Wars 2 content release is coming soon,” ArenaNet vows. “You’ll see the full trailer on March 3, but here’s a teaser to celebrate the Steel warband’s successful infiltration of PAX East!” Taaaaaanks.

MMO players will recall that earlier this month, the studio promised “a new type of Living World content called Visions of the Past: a story that will take you out of the commander’s shoes and give you a new perspective on Ryland Steelcatcher.” That appears to be this.

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Vance Lorn

Yay force players to play a character/playstyle they don’t know or like. Especially with a character honestly most couldn’t give two shits about, but hey at least it’s not Taimi. Are you trying to force everyone to leave the game?

Listen most of us really want 3 things.

1) Measurable progress in the endgame, not silly meta maps that die each time a new release shows up.

2) A reason to play daily, not to just log in for two weeks every few months for a “Big Event” or Living World release. Make it worth it to us.

3) An actual expansion to prove to the player base and others who might want to try out the game but scoff at its age, that Guild Wars 2 isn’t a dead property.

Of course, if you don’t fix point #1 and #2 all an expansion will do will get people hyped for a month or two then you’ll be back where you are now.

On second thought if we COULD play as Taimi we could kill her over and over and over in fun, unique and embarrassing ways, so yeah, let us play as her. Screw the Charr.

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The real news here is that a game company actually showed up at Pax East!


They heard some one was bringing over some Coronas on ice.

Hikari Kenzaki

Forced to play a Charr. *deletes the world* :)

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Play as other characters doesn’t particularly excite me, especially if I have to play another “class”.

But hey, I’ll give it a spin. Hopefully it’ll be like the charr fractal and you keep your class, but I’d rather learn more about the past through my own character rather than inhabiting the bodies of others : /


Is this going to be like that Metal Gear Caithe episode in Season 2 where you were forced to play as Caithe and perform game play mechanics that are anathema to your play style unless you play a sneaky build to begin with.

If so then that really sucks, I loath when ANet forces you to change the way you choose to play your character for what ever gimmick they throw into an encounter to keep things ‘interesting’.