Dauntless’ 1.1.5 release tackles bugs in a big way

Neener neener.

On one hand, the latest patch for Dauntless is on the unexciting side because it doesn’t feature any major content updates. On the other hand, the latest patch for Dauntless fixes some bugs that have a pretty big impact on gameplay, like Frost-based attacks not hitting players or applying damage. That’s… a kind of large bug, so it’s probably a good thing that it’s fixed now.

Other similarly major bug fixes include Riftstalker clones no longer tripping and faceplanting the moment they leave the portal, Stormclaws no longer just vanishing during Escalation hunts, and Riftstalkers no longer getting part and stagger damage disabled if they’re wounded as they slip into a portal. And that’s not even all of the bug fixes; you can check out the full patch notes for that. Sure, some of these will make things a little harder as you hunt beasts, but it will at least be working as intended along the way.


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