Dual Universe shares the tech being used to optimize performance going forward


In a sandbox game with procedural generation and voxel building, there’s a lot of moving parts that can very likely bog a player’s PC down. Mitigating some of that is the focus of Dual Universe developer Novaquark now that alpha 3 is out the door, and the devs have offered a look at some of the tech being used to help them get there.

A lot of the tech is likely familiar to most, like GPU culling features, an improved ground shader, and things that will improve global illumination. There are some other things being developed that are unique to Dual Universe as well, such as a technology known as HexOctree that helps streamline the creation of procedurally generated plant voxels. The team is also working on including things that will improve load and lag, like Kubernetes server orchestration tech that will help reduce lag and mesh server technology to make loading constructs easier and improve collision detection.

Most of these features are in development and don’t have any firm release dates. However, as with most dev blogs from Dual Universe, it’s a pretty in-depth read.


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