Rumor: Riot’s ‘Project A’ CSGO-clone is probably called Valorant

Less than punchy.

You guys ever notice how every time there’s a bad headline about the Riot lawsuits, there’s a new Riot leak? Probably total coincidence. But hey, bad headline and new leak this week!

Earlier in February, the industry was treated to a preview of Riot’s so-called Project A, which sure seemed to be a close cousin of CSGO, with 12-round matches, attack/defense swaps, hero-based play, and a pair of of bomb sites. The latest leaks, however, puts a name on the game – Valorant – thanks to Riot trademarks and dormant Twitter handles that seem poised to spring to life.

A fan account also leaked out one of the characters, Sage, along with the names of two others, seemingly confirmed by earlier footage and pro esports players who’ve likely previewed the game. Or it could all be bullcrap. You decide.

Source: Polygon

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I shall call this val-o-rant. Or maybe val-u-rant.


…is that what you call upper management that goes around letting ones rip in their employees’ faces. I mean, it sort rhymes with “flatulence”. /eww

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I’m finding this company so boring and uninspiring in every way imaginable. I doubt there is an original idea in the building – outside of how to get away with sexual discrimination. In that they are Kings.