Champions Online releases its second Serene Abyss chapter and a new Wild West-themed Alert

Oh hi survey.

There’s a little something for almost every type of player in Champions Online. Are you invested in the ongoing Serial Story? There’s a fresh chapter for that. Or perhaps you’d rather take down some Wild West robots? There’s an Alert for just that sort of thing, too.

The ongoing Serene Abyss storyline has gotten its second chapter, tasking players with hunting down the New Shadows in order for Dr. Ka to continue his research into what Graknash freed on the moon. Basically, players are going to go have to go hunting for vampires.

If vampire slaying isn’t your thing, then maybe cowboy robots are? In that case, there’s a new Alert in Snake Gulch where players are being asked to take out enough varmints to summon the murderous ASCII Oakley, which is the single greatest name for a villain ever. Taking on this Alert rewards a number of cosmetics like a whistle emote, a poncho, and a new hairstyle. This Alert runs between now and March 5th.

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Dug From The Earth

I could never make it very far in this game. It starts out strong, but about 10 hours in its just like “meh”.

It really lacks the exploration aspect of many online games as well, and most of the storylines are pretty bland. Maybe end game has better stuff, but if a game isnt fun for the journey to end game, you can count me out.


Small correction, there are two daily quests one to run the alert version of Asciing for trouble and the other to take down Mechanon in the High Noon event, if you do these five times you get a poncho for High Noon and a robot dog sidekick for Ascii.