Book of Travels is mostly a 2-D game in a 3-D industry


A mere day after Might and Delight opened up about Book of Travels’ endeavor system, the team has another treat for fans: Q&A video starring Lead Technical Artist Peter Stråhle.

Stråhle said that almost everything you’ll see in Book of Travels is a 2-D sprite (versus the 3-D models, which are reserved for characters, animals, and some vehicles). He said that the team originally thought that making houses would be a “no-brainer” but discovered that it was surprisingly complex with all of the props involved.

“We’re working really hard,” he said, “and hopefully you’ll be able to play it sooner rather than later.”

Might and Delight also announced the winner and runners-up for its community island design contest. As promoted by the Kickstarter, the first place will be made into an actual in-game location (but here’s hoping all of them eventually do!):

Source: Kickstarter


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Toy Clown

I’m intrigued by this title and can’t wait to see how it further develops.


Yeah . . . No Thanks. Will pass on this one.

If the developers think it is to hard making and implementing graphics and world models?

Well, I don’t think they really have the chops for this sort of thing.