Stardew Valley developer confirms there’s another update in the works


Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, the lone developer of single-player/multiplayer life sim RPG Stardew Valley, appears to have at least one more update to the title left in him. Barone confirmed that update 1.5 is in the works, dropping the reveal in a tweet in the most casual way possible. Which really is Barone’s MO, honestly.

The tweet both thanks players for all of the well-wishes in light of the game’s fourth anniversary, confirms that the latest update, otherwise known as the quality-of-life-focused update 1.4 is now on all platforms, and announces that update 1.5 is coming soon. Details on just what this update will include weren’t elaborated on, nor was any release timing, but that’s very much Barone’s MO as well; this is the person who handed over publishing duties to Chucklefish Games and then took it back, after all.

Considering the last update was quality-of-life, and the update before that brought on multiplayer, it will be interesting to see where Stardew Valley goes from here. Just don’t hold your breath for the update’s arrival to land too soon — multiplayer only made it in August 2018, and update 1.4 didn’t arrive until November of last year.

source: Twitter

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I really have to give this game another playthrough; I don’t even recognize many of the locales I’ve seen in recent screenshots (including the one in the artical header). When did it get mounts?

Robert Mann

Long ago, and that’s the corner if you leave the farm out of the top connection, just with a little wintery bluster showing.